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Almiteks OÜ- is one of the few nowadays Work Shoes Manufacturers in Estonia with more than 20 year’s experience in this industry. We manufacture our footwear according to all the newest developments and engineering ideas, that is why You can trust us. Moreover, we are fully controlling not only the quality of every released shoe pair but also it’s a condition during the exploitation.

Due to cooperation with our trusted and reliable partners, Almiteks Company manufactures top-of-the-line shoes. The maximum comfort is achieved through the usage of high-quality shoe-tree and upscale materials.

For the liner, we are using different types of materials that have a high percentage of breathability, that allows your foot to breath normally and eliminate the greenhouse effect during the summertime period. Thanks to this feature the inner space of your shoe remain dry and comfortable. The fur used for the liner gives a high thermal protection characteristic.

For our Work Shoe Manufacture we are using oil- and petrol-resistant sole, that has a lightly built structure and resilient features.

Almiteks Shoe Company- is a leader in modern and comfortable footwear. The quality of our products have been proven over time and gained recognition and trust by our partners.

The organic combination of practicality and quality- business card of Almiteks footwear Company.

Information for the wholesale customer:

Our footwear has a minimum return percentage.
If we have anything left, then it is a minimal residue at the end of the season.
Always sold to the end-customer without any discount at the end of the season.

“Our footwear- is footwear for everyone who values the quality.”

“Almiteks Team wishes you good health and easy walking!”